License Renewal & New Features for Dog Owners

With a new year, comes yearly health checks and licensing renewals for all of us dog owners. Thanks to the app 麦道 they have taken the process online allowing us to renew our dog license in just a few steps. Just like we did with the Dog Online Registration article the Spare Leash team went thoughContinue reading “License Renewal & New Features for Dog Owners”

Meet our new Sitter Community Manager: Khoo!

We are ending the year strong by adding another experienced animal lover to the Spare Leash Team! Everyone meet Khoo! Like all of our Community Sitter Managers she started out first as a Spare Sitter and now is helping us maintain and grow our Sitter Community. A lot of you might have already met herContinue reading “Meet our new Sitter Community Manager: Khoo!”

Action for Animals Recap!

Last Sunday, Spare Leash and The Pearl had the honor of hosting the first, Action for Animals Charity Gala honoring some of Shanghai’s leading rescue organizations. For one night we got to celebrate and thank them for what they do for the animals in need every single day. Everything from the live music, jaw droppingContinue reading “Action for Animals Recap!”

Shelter Supply Drive 2021 Recap

In 2016, we started out with one van and since then thanks to our amazing community we have hosted crowds of 300 + people and filled 22 vans, helping over 2000 shelter animals get food, vaccinations and supplies to help them survive the cold winters. This year we were sponsored by PETKIT who donated, beds,Continue reading “Shelter Supply Drive 2021 Recap”

Thanksgiving food your pup should avoid!

Before heading to dinner tonight with friends, family and the fur kids have a quick read and share with your friends who own pets as a reminder that not everything on the dinner table tonight will be pet friendly.  Some of the items most people might be surprised to learn about so to make sureContinue reading “Thanksgiving food your pup should avoid!”

It’s adopt a senior pet month!

November is a very busy pet month! In addition to highlighting #AnimalShelterAppreciationWeek this month with our Shelter Supply Drive this Saturday, November 27th, we are also supporting the “Adopt A Senior Pet” initiative. They say things get better with age, and that’s very true when it comes to owning a pet! Here to tell usContinue reading “It’s adopt a senior pet month!”

Spare Leash Launches an Online Store!

Why a store, you might ask? It’s simple; at Spare Leash we are committed to providing you with the safest pet services and products.  Our efforts to create a safe pet community, plan monthly events and meet your pet-sitting & walking requests, have allowed us to capture a variety of issues and questions over theContinue reading “Spare Leash Launches an Online Store!”

How to help your pet stay calm in a thunderstorm…

With a double Typhoon warning this week, we had a handful of pet owners & sitters reach out to us to ask about tips on how to keep a pet calm during a thunderstorm. There are a bunch of tips you can find on the good old internet, but in this post we list outContinue reading “How to help your pet stay calm in a thunderstorm…”

How to register your dog online in Shanghai!

Before you register your dog online make sure you have: Your passport A valid visa Your address in Chinese Dog immunization card Landlords year of property certificate (Photo reference below) Number of property certificate (Photo reference below) The apartment contract must mention it’s pet friendly (photo reference below) If your dog is neutered, have theContinue reading “How to register your dog online in Shanghai!”